1D Transformation Notes

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  • New CFETP and DCWF roles in May
  • School house 3-level/initial skills training not available until at least FY25 but likely FY26
  • SDAP, SRB, enlistment bonuses on the table (likely only for only assignments/SEI’s that have them now)
  • Assignments based on shreds/SEI in ETM
  • This summer: Everyone blanket forced their shred based on their current location. Those with an assignment will assume shred at their projected future location and not be canceled (per AFPC).
  • Future™ ‘optimize’ shreds based on individual’s and unit’s desires.
  • Ability to get out of current shred based on
  1. Needs of the Air Force
  2. Missions and emerging requirements
  3. Knowledge , skills, ability & tasks
  4. Attitude, aptitude & capability
  • Ability to get qualified on more SEI/shreds based on CFETP and other unspecific criteria. No exact plan at this time, team wants to avoid ‘avoid wild west’
  • Summer 23′ VML/assignment cycle will be for new shreds
  • Promotions: Everyone will compete with each other in all shreds
  • No blanket TS for everyone: security clearance based on current billet occupied. If you don’t have a TS, you are not getting it. If you have as TS, you can go to assignments/orgs that require one. My read: if you will not be selected for a normal assignment that requires a TS unless you already have one.

Personal feelings

– Air Force / comm now has more/legal free reign to abuse all comm bodies (radio guy working computer help desk & network admin, cable dawg pushing patches, etc)

– Bad locations will get worse as they won’t allow personnel to get experience/certs (they’re poor, no TDY, no classes) to be more eligible/attractive to billet owners on ETM

– Expecting AFPC to somehow screw up and still cancel people’s assignments as well as dart-board assignments based on needs of the air force, harming the member and their gaining assignment

– Big blue expects OJT for everyone already in/going in for years. Units, especially smaller ones, are not equipped to do this. There will be security incidents, people without the correct clearances

– Big blue WILL take forever (ref: existing cross-training) and severely limit actual opportunity to move between shreds

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