Crypto mining demand soars in Vietnam amid Bitcoin rally

The cryptocurrency mining market in Vietnam is reportedly reviving amid the renewed crypto rally, where Bitcoin (BTC) has surged above $51,000 for the first time since May. Crypto-related entrepreneurs and enthusiasts in Vietnam have witnessed a significant uptick in demand for crypto mining rigs in the country, local news agency VnExpress reported on Monday. Quang Thuan, […]

Vietnam leads crypto adoption in Finder's 27-country survey

Emerging economies like Vietnam, India and Indonesia are leading the charge when it comes to cryptocurrency adoption, underscoring important use cases for digital assets tied to remittances and financial inclusion.  Finder’s survey of 42,000 people across 27 countries revealed that Vietnam had the highest adoption rate, with 41% of respondents claiming they had purchased cryptocurrency. […]

Small countries are punching above their weight in terms of Bitcoin gains

Emerging markets appear to be punching above their weight when it comes to Bitcoin (BTC) investment, offering further evidence of growing worldwide adoption, according to a new report from cryptocurrency analytics firm Chainalysis.  A geographic analysis of realized Bitcoin gains revealed that investors in the United States generated $4.1 billion in returns last year, which […]

Alameda Research invests $4M in Vietnamese DeFi project

Alameda Research has expanded its investment portfolio by allocating $4 million to Coin98 Finance, an up-and-coming decentralized finance platform from Vietnam, according to Chinese fintech outlet ChainNews. Coin98 Ventures, the venture capital firm behind Coin98, reportedly operates the biggest cryptocurrency fund in Vietnam and is also a key backer of the Solana Ecosystem Fund, which […]

Vietnam’s finance ministry warns about crypto trading risks

Vietnamese financial authorities have warned the public about the risks of cryptocurrency investment as the industry is not regulated in Vietnam, local news agency Thanh Niên reports Wednesday. The Ministry of Finance of Vietnam stated, “Vietnam has not adopted any legislation related to the issuance, trading, and exchange of virtual currencies and virtual assets.” The […]

Solana targets growth in Southeast Asia with a $5M grants scheme

Solana has turned its focus towards decentralized finance in Southeast Asia with a new $5 million development fund. The Solana Foundation created the fund in partnership with Vietnam-based investment firm Coin98 Ventures, enabling regional startups building on Solana to receive technical, marketing, and community support, as well as up to $100,000 in funding. The fund […]