Ethereum may now be more vulnerable to censorship — Blockchain analyst

Ethereum’s upgrade to proof-of-stake (PoS) may make it more vulnerable to government intervention and censorship, according to the lead investigator of Merkle Science.  Speaking to Cointelegraph following the Ethereum Merge, Coby Morgan, a former FBI analyst, and the Lead Investigator for crypto compliance and forensic firm Merkle Science expressed his thoughts on some of the […]

Ethereum community splits over solutions for transaction censorship

The Ethereum community has been divided over how to best respond to the threat of protocol-level transaction censorship in the wake of the United States government sanctions on Tornado Cash-linked addresses.  Over the last week, Ethereum community members have proposed social slashing or even a user-activated soft fork (UASF) as possible responses to transaction-level censorship […]

Helium network team resolves consensus error after 4-hour outage

The Internet of Things (IoT) blockchain Helium shut down for about 4 hours on July 11 due to validator outages from a software update, causing delayed transaction finality. During the outage, devices transferring data over the network were not affected, but miner rewards and token transfers were left pending. The team resolved the issue by […]