Stop the steal? Trump family threatens legal action against TrumpCoin

A low cap cryptocurrency named TrumpCoin (TRUMP) has finally drawn the ire of the Trump dynasty six years after it entered the market. On Jan. 25, Donald Trump’s second son Eric threatened legal action against the TRUMP cryptocurrency for allegedly using his family’s name fraudulently. Fraud Alert: It has come to our attention that someone […]

World’s biggest douchebag releases NFT collection

Around the world, douchebags are getting into NFTs in a big way. Now it’s true that there are thousands and thousands of legitimate artists in the growing non-fungible token space, and that precisely none of them are Paris Hilton. And sure, NFTs are a potentially world-changing phenomenon that were just declared ArtReview’s most powerful entity […]

Digital art project sells out $10M in NFTs in four days

Hashmasks, a new non-fungible token project has raised over 7,600 ETH (about $10 million) from the sale of more than 15,300 digital collectible cards. The owner of Hashmasks #1 has sold his card named after former United States President Donald Trump for about 97 Ether (ETH) which amounts to over $126,000 at the current Ether […]