Metaverse experience to sway real-world travel choices in 2023: Survey

As borders open up following prolonged COVID-induced travel restrictions, the Metaverse, one of the latest sub-crypto ecosystems, is set to help travelers decide on the destinations they want to experience in person, reveals a new survey conducted by personally. Popular online travel agency surveyed 24,179 respondents across 32 countries, which revealed travelers’ strong […]

Tourists flock to El Salvador despite Bitcoin bear market

Tourism in El Salvador has soared in the first half of 2022. Up 82.8% just this year, there were 1.1 million visitors to El Salvador this year, according to government figures. That’s despite the price of Bitcoin (BTC) sinking almost 50% since Jan. 1.  Data from the World Travel Organization reinforces the claims. The tiny […]

Packed your Bitcoin? A BTC holiday in Costa Rica goes fiat free

Passport, sunglasses, beach towel, Bitcoin (BTC)? A BTC enthusiast on vacation demonstrated that the world’s largest cryptocurrency could soon become a holiday essential. Eugenio, a Costa Rican Bitcoin maximalist, paid his way on holiday with just Bitcoin in his wallet during a long weekend on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. A hotspot for Bitcoin adoption and […]

Madeira ‘embraces’ Bitcoin, and how its president met Michael Saylor

The tiny Portuguese archipelago of Madeira has “adopted” Bitcoin (BTC) — but what does that mean? The announcement, made during the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami, has spurned confusion and misinformation. Miguel Albuquerque, the president of the Regional Government of Madeira, hopped on the stage in April to announce: “I believe in the future, and […]

From beer to Bitcoin as legal tender: A BTC education in Roatán

Few crypto enthusiasts around the world could point to the remote island of Roatán prior to the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami.  Dušan Matuska was one of them, a Bitcoin (BTC) educator whose plans to open a Bitcoin education center in a former brewery entangled with the Satoshi Nakamoto-inspired vision of a special economic zone […]