Why the battle for low or no transaction fees really matters

During the frenzied bull run, transaction fees were running rampant. Over on the Ethereum blockchain, they hit eye-watering highs of $196.638 back in May ‚ÄĒ rendering the network unusable for most everyday consumers. The Bitcoin blockchain suffered from a similar issue the year before, accelerating to a record-breaking $300.331. When demand is high, it’s easy […]

Average Bitcoin transaction fee drops under $1 as network difficulty recovers

The average transaction fees on the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain fell below $1.00 for the first time in over two years, further strengthening its use case as a viable mainstream financial system. High transaction fees over blockchain networks work against the users, especially when making low-value transactions. For example, transaction fees over the Ethereum¬†blockchain skyrocketed several […]