Here’s a clever options strategy for cautiously optimistic Bitcoin traders

Bitcoin (BTC) entered an upward channel in early January and despite the sideways trading near $40,000, order book analysts cited “significant buying pressure” and noted that the overall negative sentiment might be heading towards exhaustion. Bitcoin/USD price at FTX. Source: TradingView Independent analyst Johal Miles noted that BTC’s price formed a bullish hammer candlestick on its daily […]

Why HODL for 48 hours? Because your altcoin wallet will thank you

It might seem that the volatility of digital assets’ prices and the lightning speed with which crypto markets move would mean that those who act fastest secure the heftiest rewards. And in certain cases this holds true – for example, when an announcement of a token’s listing on Coinbase or Binance first goes public, and […]

Here's how Bitcoin options traders might prepare for a BTC ETF approval

Very few events can shake the cryptocurrency markets in a sustainable manner that really sends Bitcoin and altcoin prices into a sharp directional move. One example is when Xi Jinping, China’s President, called for the development of blockchain technology throughout the country in October 2019.  The unexpected news caused a 42% pump in Bitcoin (BTC), […]