‘Game yet to begin’ for security token offerings, INX exec says

Despite some of the first security token offerings (STO) launching at least four years ago, the STO industry is still yet to take off, according to an executive at the INX cryptocurrency trading platform. The STO industry is still nascent compared to the overall digital asset industry as companies and individuals are just getting into […]

Real estate leads securitized blockchain assets in 2022 — Report

Real estate is an asset class that is ripe for integration with blockchain technology. Security tokens cover many categories but are dominated by real estate. The Cointelegraph Research Terminal is hosting a 33-page report by Security Token Market, a data and media firm, that covers the current state of real estate security tokens and the […]

Bitfinex security token platform goes live in Kazakhstan

Major global cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex is finally moving forward with its security token platform (STO) in Kazakhstan, opening the first day of trading. Bitfinex Securities, Bitfinex’s blockchain-based investment platform, is officially starting on Tuesday, the company representatives announced to Cointelegraph. Announced in September 2021, the new STO platform is regulated within Kazakhstan’s national financial hub […]

MELD’s $1B ISPO highlights emerging use cases for Cardano, crypto fundraising

DeFi banking protocol MELD recently made headlines for attracting more than $1 billion worth of staked Cardano (ADA) to its protocol through a novel funding mechanism called an initial stake pool offering, or ISPO, marking an important innovation in how early adopters support blockchain startups. Cointelegraph had the opportunity to connect with MELD CEO Ken […]

Illuvium, LCX and Tokemak hit new highs as Bitcoin dominance lingers

During bull markets, altcoins tend to accrue gains when Bitcoin price consolidates and at they run in tandem with BTC price during breakouts. This dynamic appears to be at play today because multiple altcoins went parabolic at the same time that BTC made a run at $64,000 and Ether (ETH) hit a new all-time high […]

Blockstream raises $16M for its Bitcoin mining STO in a matter of hours

Major blockchain technology company Blockstream has completed six tranches of its Bitcoin (BTC) mining security token offering (STO), securing a total of 30.9 million euros ($36 million). Blockstream officially announced Thursday that the company raised 13.9 million euros ($16.1 million) in the sixth tranche of its Bitcoin mining-focused security token known as Blockstream Mining Note […]

Bitcoin-based security token offering approved in Germany

German financial regulators have approved a security token offering (STO) based on a Bitcoin (BTC) sidechain. Germany’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) has greenlighted the EXOeu token by game publisher Exordium, making local retail investors eligible to participate in the sale on Stokr, a major European digital marketplace. German investors can invest in EXOeu via Stokr […]