StarkNet makes Cairo 1.0 open source in first step toward community control

Zero-knowledge (ZK)-Rollup tech company StarkWare has officially open sourced its new programming language compiler, Cairo 1.0, which will soon be supported on Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution StarkNet in Q1 2023.  The news was announced by StarkWare — the company behind StarkNet — in a Nov. 25 Twitter post. StarkWare’s rollup technology and recursive proofs offer […]

L2 is crucial to Ethereum decentralization, censorship resistance, says researcher

Ethereum layer-2 scaling platform StarkWare has officially launched the StarkNet Foundation with the introduction of a diverse board that aims to safeguard Ethereum’s decentralization and censorship resistance. Seven individuals, including key members from the Ethereum ecosystem and wider cryptocurrency space, will head up the non-profit entity. An announcement shared with Cointelegraph outlined the role of the […]

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin shares vision for layer 3 protocols

While Ethereum-based layer-2 solutions have been focused on hyperscaling the network, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin believes layer 3s will serve a far different purpose — providing “customized functionality.”  Buterin shared his thoughts in a Sept. 17 post, providing three “visions” of what layer 3s will be used for in the future. The Ethereum co-founder said […]

Breaking: Historic day for crypto as Ethereum Merge to proof-of-stake occurs

The Ethereum Merge has officially taken place, marking the full transition of the network to proof-of-stake (PoS).  On Sept. 15 at 06:42:42 UTC at block 15537393, the long-awaited Merge saw the merging of the Ethereum mainnet execution layer and the Beacon Chain’s consensus layer at the Terminal Total Difficulty of 58750000000000000000000, meaning the network will […]

The ‘launch of a rocket’ — Observers on the future of Ethereum post-Merge

The Ethereum Merge is set to occur later today with the energy-efficiency focused transition expected to have a major impact on crypto investment and adoption, experts say.  Speaking to Cointelegraph in the lead up to the Merge, StarkWare president and co-founder Eli Ben-Sasson noted that the Ethereum Merge will be the “first step in a […]

60 million NFTs could be minted in a single transaction: StarkWare founder

Zero-knowledge (ZK) rollup tech company StarkWare founder Eli Ben-Sasson says its new Recursive validity proofs could theoretically roll up as many as 60 million transactions into one on the Ethereum blockchain. The zkSTARK co-inventor made the comments to Cointelegraph during ETH Seoul on Aug. 7 after announcing the start of production of StarkWare’s new Recursive […]

Finance Redefined: 1Password partners with Phantom, and Stark deploys nine DApps, Feb. 18–25

Welcome to the latest edition of Cointelegraph’s decentralized finance newsletter. In the aftermath of concerning political situations this week, the markets reacted strongly to the downside, but some assets attempted a recovery to end the week positively. 1Password collaborates with Phantom Wallet on API service Digital security platform 1Password announced a joint partnership with Phantom […]