Bison Trails launches staking and node services for Cosmos

Blockchain infrastructure firm BisonTrails has launched support for the Cosmos ecosystem, allowing its clients to stake and run nodes for blockchain ecosystem Cosmos. BIson Trails offers services to simplify the process of participating in blockchains, such as staking and running full nodes. The firm’s customers include custodians, exchanges, and funds, with Bison also helping Web […]

Cosmos launches Stargate, paving the way for interoperable DeFi applications

After months of development, the Cosmos (ATOM) project has launched the Stargate update, which includes the highly anticipated Inter-Blockchain Communication protocol, or IBC. Announced on Thursday, the Stargate upgrade includes a series of improvements to the Cosmos protocol and its Software Development Kit. The most important of Stargate’s features is IBC, the interoperability layer for […]

Cosmos price spikes to a new all-time high as ‘Stargate’ upgrade approaches

The price of Cosmos’ ATOM has increased 240% since the beginning of February as excitement builds for the approaching Stargate upgrade on Feb. 18 that will help connect all Cosmos-based chains together using Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC). Data from Cointelegraph Markets and TradingView shows that ATOM was trading at a price of $7.83 on Feb. 1 before […]