Nifty News: David Beckham’s DigitalBits, CoinSpot’s NFT marketplace, and more

Iconic former English Premier League footballer, David Beckham, has become a global brand ambassador for the DigitalBits blockchain, launching his own range of NFTs in the process. Beckham will release a series of NFTs and “other Blockchain-based digital assets” according to the brand ambassador announcement, with minting taking place on the DigitalBits blockchain. Excited to […]

BREAKING: ConstitutionDAO fails to win Sotheby's auction

The online group, ConstitutionDAO, has failed in its bid to purchase the last privately owned, 1st edition print copy of the U.S. Constitution at public auction at Sotheby’s on Thursday.  “The ‘Official Edition’ of The United States Constitution” was instead won by an unknown bidder for $41M (or $43.2 million after auction fees), meaning the […]

Sotheby's will take ETH bids in real time for Banksy auction

Prestigious auction house Sotheby’s has announced it will accept Ethereum (ETH) bids in real time for its Nov. 18 auction that includes works by famed street artist Banksy. Sotheby’s claims this will be the first time an auction house has accepted crypto in real time as a standard currency for payment in an auction on […]

Paris Hilton and Pranksy collections featured by Sotheby's new NFT platform

Prestigious auction house Sotheby’s has launched a new Metaverse themed NFT platform. The platform is dubbed “Sotheby’s Metaverse” and was announced alongside the “Natively Digital 1.2: The Collectors” (ND1.2) auction that will run between Oct. 18 and Oct. 26. The auction consists of 53 lots of tokenized art from the vaults of 19 curators. Welcome […]

101 Bored Apes NFT auction at Sotheby's closes at more than $24M

The auction of Yuga Labs’ 101 Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection has smashed through expectations with a winning bid of $24.39 million. The auction closed on Sept.10 and was hosted by the prestigious auction house Sotheby’s which had earlier estimated the collection would fetch between $12 million and $18 million. The bundle of non-fungibles […]