Silicon Valley tech CEOs are not big fans of metaverses

During a Wall Street Journal event, Microsoft gaming chief Phil Spencer and Snap CEO Evan Spiegel revealed that they are not big fans of the metaverse in its current form. Spencer called the metaverse’s current iteration a “poorly built video game,” referring to the ecosystem’s bad graphics and low-quality interfaces. The Microsoft gaming chief noted […]

Snapchat’s parent company shutters Web3 division amid layoffs

Snap Inc’s CEO Evan Speigel announced in a note on Friday that the company had made the difficult decision to reduce the size of its workforce by approximately 20%.  The note said that this round of layoffs comes after the company experienced slow revenue growth, a slump in stock prices, and a general lag behind its […]

US FTC digs into Big Tech's centralized reservoirs of user data

The United States Federal Trade Commission is making the giants of social media account for their user data practices. On December 11, the FTC published orders for special reports from unnamed social media companies. The commission’s stated aim for the reports is: “To compile data concerning the privacy policies, procedures, and practices of Social Media […]

3 Snapchat Ads Facebook Groups

Here is a quick list of 3 Snapchat Ads Facebook Groups you should check out if you haven’t done so already. If you’re interested in running advertising campaigns on Snapchat, give these groups a try along with some other resources I’ve curated while digging around for info on Snapchat Advertising. Snapchat Advertising is heating up! […]