Solana unveils Google partnership, smartphones, Web3 store at Breakpoint

During the ecosystem’s annual gathering at Breakpoint 2022 in Libson, Solana made a series of launch announcements as it prepares to go mainstream. Cointelegraph’s ground team — present during the conference — shared insights into Solana’s roadmap, which includes the launching of smartphones, dApp stores and a partnership with Google Cloud, among others. Good morning […]

White hat hacker attempts to recover 'millions' in lost Bitcoin, finds only $105

Joe Grand, a computer engineer and hardware hacker known by many for recovering crypto from hard-to-reach places, spent hours breaking into a phone only to find a fraction of a Bitcoin. In a YouTube video released on Thursday, Grand traveled from Portland to Seattle in an effort to potentially recover “millions of dollars” in Bitcoin […]

Warning: Smartphone text prediction guesses crypto hodler’s seed phrase

Seed phrases, a random combination of words from the Bitcoin Improvement Protocol (BIP) 39 list of 2048 words, act as one of the primary layers of security against unauthorized access to a user’s crypto holdings. But, what happens when your “smart” phone’s predictive typing remembers and suggests the words next time you try to access […]

Blockchain-based decentralized messengers: A privacy pipedream?

As people all over the globe have become increasingly aware of their privacy rights and how they are constantly being violated by various prominent social media platforms, the need for tangible, decentralized alternatives has continued to grow rapidly. For perspective, in 2019, Facebook was ordered to pay a mind-boggling $5-billion fine by the United States […]

Xiaomi India needs regulatory clarity to embrace crypto, says exec

Xiaomi India — the subcontinent’s branch of the major mobile phone manufacturer — is interested in the cryptocurrency industry, but needs regulatory clarity from the government. The firm’s managing director, Manu Jain, said in an interview with The Economic Times, “We will want to wait for all the regulatory things. Of course, crypto is an area, which […]

Xiaomi retailer in Portugal now accepts Bitcoin payments

Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi is the latest global company to get involved in the cryptocurrency industry as its official Portuguese shop now accepts Bitcoin (BTC) payments. Mi Store Portugal, the official Xiaomi retailer, announced Wednesday on Facebook that it now allows customers to purchase devices using five cryptocurrencies, including BTC, Ether (ETH), Tether (USDT), Dash […]