Ethereum Alarm Clock exploit leads to $260K in stolen gas fees so far

A bug in the smart contract code for the Ethereum Alarm Clock service has reportedly been exploited, with nearly $260,000 said to have been swiped from the protocol so far. The Ethereum Alarm Clock enables users to schedule future transactions by pre-determining the receiver address, sent amount, and desired time of transaction. Users must have […]

Cyber sleuth alleges $160M Wintermute hack was an inside job

A fresh new crypto conspiracy theory is afoot — this time in relation to last week’s $160 million hack on algorithmic market maker Wintermute — which one crypto sleuth alleges was an “inside job.” Cointelegraph reported on Sept. 20 that a hacker had exploited a bug in a Wintermute smart contract which enabled them to […]

Compound cETH market bricked by update — 7-day wait on vote to fix it

Decentralized lending platform Compound has been plagued by a code bug in a recent governance proposal to update its price feeds.  The code error has “temporarily frozen” the Compound ETH (cETH) market, causing cETH transactions to revert, but Compound Labs stated that despite the front end not working, “funds are not immediately at risk.” Compound […]