Silvergate CEO calls out ‘short sellers’ spreading misinformation

Silvergate Capital CEO Alan Lane has slammed “short sellers” and “other opportunists” for spreading misinformation over the last few weeks — just to score themselves a quick buck.  In a Dec. 5 public letter, Lane said there was “plenty of speculation – and misinformation” being spread by these parties to “capitalize on market uncertainty” caused […]

Silvergate Capital’s crypto-to-fiat transfers decrease by $50B compared to Q3 2021

On Oct. 18, Silvergate Capital, a crypto-fiat gateway network designed for financial institutions, announced its financial results for Q3 2022. The bank, known for services such as processing consumer fiat deposits to cryptocurrency exchanges, saw thetransfer volume on the Silvergate Exchange Network plummet close to $50 billion compared to Q3 2021. Silvergate handled $112.6 billion […]