Hours before his arrest, SBF denied being part of ‘Wirefraud’ chat group

Merely hours before news of his arrest by Bahamian police, Sam Bankman-Fried took to Twitter denying his involvement or knowledge of a secret group chat named “Wirefraud” — which allegedly involved former FTX and Alameda ranking executives. In a Dec. 12 response to a report from the Australian Financial Review (AFR), Bankman-Fried used Twitter to […]

Revealed: Top 4 user complaints about Signal's new crypto payments beta

Privacy-focused messenger app Signal has posted early user feedback from the UK-based beta launch of its payments integration with Mobilecoin’s MOB token. A blog post by Signal head of growth and communication Jun Harada revealed the top four user complaints about its new cryptocurrency integration so far — with a major complaint from many users […]

Signal under fire over MobileCoin partnership

Controversy surrounds Signal’s recently announced MobileCoin integration, with users expressing concerns over ties between Signal’s founder and the cryptocurrency, opacity surrounding the coin’s issuance, and suspicious gains leading up to the partnership’s announcement. Signal is an encrypted messaging application that has been embraced by the privacy and security-conscious community since launching as Open Whisper Systems […]

Encrypted messaging app Signal enables private payments using MobileCoin

Encrypted messaging app Signal has begun testing a payments feature that allows users to send cryptocurrency to other users privately. Signal announced on Tuesday, Apr. 6, that it is integrating support for MobileCoin for a new peer-to-peer payments system in the beta version of its apps. The new system called Signal Payments has been launched […]

Iranian government reportedly moving to block Signal messaging app

Signal is reportedly under attack from Iranian authorities as interest is surging amid speculation the government already has access to users’ information on other popular messaging apps. According to Al Jazeera, many users of the privacy-focused messaging app in Iran have reported being unable to connect since Signal took the top position at the Google […]

Signal reportedly exploring crypto payment features

Privacy-focused messaging app Signal is reportedly devoting resources towards the development of a cryptocurrency payments service for its users. According to a report by Casey Newton, the founder of the technology newsletter service Platformer, Signal is mulling crypto payment integration on the app. The report claims that Signal reportedly ran pilot tests for such a […]