Sam Bankman-Fried’s Alameda Research troubles predate FTX: Report

New reports into Sam Bankman-Fried and his collapsed exchanges revealed that Alameda Research, the now-bankrupt crypto trading firm, almost collapsed in 2018, even before FTX was in the picture. A report published in The Wall Street Journal citing former employees revealed that Alameda incurred heavy losses from its trading algorithm. The algorithm was designed to […]

BitKeep exploiter used phishing sites to lure in users: Report

The Bitkeep exploit that occurred on Dec. 26 used phishing sites to fool users into downloading fake wallets, according to a report by blockchain analytics provider OKLink. The report stated that the attacker set up several fake Bitkeep websites which contained an APK file that looked like version 7.2.9 of the Bitkeep wallet. When users […]

1inch launches Fusion upgrade to improve swap security and profitability

Leading decentralized finance (DeFi) aggregator 1inch Network announced a major upgrade — Fusion — around its 1inch Swap Engine. The Fusion upgrade aims to deliver cost-efficient, secure and profitable swaps for crypto investors.  The Fusion mode in 1inch Swap Engine allows DeFi investors to place orders with a predecided price and time range without paying […]

LastPass attacker stole password vault data, showing Web2’s limitations

Password management service LastPass was hacked in August 2022, and the attacker stole users’ encrypted passwords, according to a Dec. 23 statement from the company. This means that the attacker may be able to crack some website passwords of LastPass users through brute force guessing. Notice of Recent Security Incident – The LastPass Blog#lastpasshack #hack […]

Crypto on-chain crime drama sees the good guys finally win

The stories about people getting their private keys hacked or stolen are nothing new, with a number losing their life savings because of these thefts. However, in quite an anti-climax scene, a crypto user managed to save their crypto holdings despite losing their private keys. Harpie, an on-chain security firm, revealed an instance of on-chain crime […]

Bringing community-based solutions to crypto lending can solve trust issues

A type of decentralized finance (DeFi) that allows investors to lend their crypto tokens in return for regular interest payments, the crypto lending space comprises both centralized and decentralized crypto entities that manage the entire process on behalf of their investors. Offering high annual percentage yields (APY) to investors from whom the tokens have been […]

Identity in the metaverse at risk, says former Windows architect

The metaverse is coming for users at full speed. Companies and brands are jumping into digital reality, and according to a recent survey, consumer interest is climbing alongside all the activity. At the same time, as more users join in on metaverse activity, the risk grows for nefarious activity in digital reality. A report from cybersecurity […]