4 legislative predictions for crypto in 2023

If you saw the returns in my crypto portfolio this year, you would take a pass on my predictions for the direction of the cryptocurrency market. So, I will stick to what I know and share some regulatory predictions for the crypto industry. Few legislative changes A few minor victories will logroll small legislative fixes […]

SEC calls on firms to disclose exposure to crypto bankruptcies and risks

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued new guidance that could see publicly traded companies disclose their exposure to crypto assets. In a statement released on Dec. 8 by SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance, it said the recent upheaval in the crypto asset market has “caused widespread disruption in those markets” and […]

My story of telling the SEC ‘I told you so’ on FTX

“I hate to say I told you so” is a phrase oft-repeated but rarely sincere. It’s a delightful feeling to claim credit for warning about a problem in advance. That’s a liberty I’m taking with federal financial regulators at the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. In January of this year, while serving as a […]

The fall of FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried might be good for crypto

“Never in my career have I seen such a complete failure of corporate controls and such a complete absence of trustworthy financial information,” new FTX CEO John Ray III said in a legal filing on Thursday. “From compromised systems integrity and faulty regulatory oversight abroad, to the concentration of control in the hands of a […]

Federal regulators are preparing to pass judgment on Ethereum

Are regulators with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission gearing up to take down Ethereum? Given the saber-rattling by officials — including SEC Chairman Gary Gensler — it certainly seems possible. The agency went on a crypto-regulatory spree in September. First, at its annual The SEC Speaks conference, officials promised to continue bringing enforcement actions […]

IOTA co-founder: Lummis-Gillibrand is a blessing for the crypto industry

There’s never a good time for a crypto winter, but it would be difficult to envision a worse time than right now. Even before 70% of Bitcoin’s (BTC) value evaporated seemingly overnight, things were not going great in the court of public opinion. Negative sentiment was everywhere; a Twitter account documenting crypto bros taking it […]

Crypto developers should work with the SEC to find common ground

Regulators are tasked with balancing between protecting consumers and creating environments where entrepreneurs and the private sector can thrive. When markets face distortions, perhaps due to an externality or information asymmetry, regulation can play an important role. But regulation can also stifle entrepreneurship and business formation, leaving society and its people worse off. The United […]