Could Bitcoin have launched in the 1990s — Or was it waiting for Satoshi?

This year, Oct. 31 marked the 14th anniversary of the issuance of one of this century’s most consequential white papers — Satoshi Nakamoto’s “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.” Its 2008 publication set off a “revolution in finance” and “heralded a new era for money, one that did not derive its value from governmental edict […]

14 years since the Bitcoin white paper: Why it matters

Happy white paper day, Bitcoin. It’s been 14 years since Satoshi Nakamoto first sent an email to the Cypherpunk mailing list with the subject line, “Bitcoin P2P e-cash Paper.” The email included a link to the white paper, an outline of what would soon become a one trillion-dollar market.  The first sentence of the email […]

Tech’s good intentions and why Satoshi’s new ‘social order’ foundered

All revolutions have their dogmas, and the cryptocurrency/blockchain insurgency is no different. It’s an article of faith among crypto adherents that decentralization will solve many of society’s ills, including the problem of governance.  Vili Lehdonvirta — an Oxford University social scientist, book author, and former software developer — disagrees. “The underlying technology will change and […]

Crypto users renew calls for Satoshi Nakamoto to win Nobel memorial prize for economics

Bitcoin enthusiasts on social media platforms have reiterated their annual petition to have the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel awarded to Satoshi Nakamoto. On Oct. 10, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced three recipients of the economic prize — former Federal Reserve chair Ben Bernanke, and U.S. economists […]

Bitcoin was almost named Netcoin by Satoshi Nakamoto, hints domain data

Coming up with a good name is often one of the most challenging decisions one needs to make when launching a new service or business. Historical data of domain name purchases suggest that Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin (BTC), had an alternate naming option in mind that did not make it to the whitepaper. […]

What would you ask Satoshi Nakamoto? Community answers

After more than 10 years since the inception of Bitcoin (BTC), its pseudonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto still remains a mystery. Being an inspirational figure to the crypto space, Cointelegraph asked Twitter what questions they would have for Nakamoto if they had a chance to talk.  From asking about their private keys and thoughts about Bitcoin […]