Bitcoin will survive failure of ‘any giant’ in crypto, Samson Mow says

The collapse of FTX has triggered a notable drop in the price of Bitcoin (BTC), but that in no case means that BTC can be destroyed by failing cryptocurrency firms, according to Bitcoin proponent Samson Mow. The cryptocurrency industry is still seeing the wave of FTX contagion playing out, and it is likely to face […]

Bitcoin proponent Samson Mow highlights centralization aspect of the Merge

Samson Mow, a well-known Bitcoin proponent, recently took to social media to talk about the centralization aspects of the upcoming Merge, which he claimed isn’t widely known. Ethereum is in the countdown mode after the completion of the Bellatrix upgrade on Sept. 6 and is all set for the official transition between Sept.13-15, depending on […]

Finance Redefined: Samson Mow's DeFi question, Fireblocks expands to institutional and more

The week was filled with several new project developments and key updates from leading decentralized applications (DApps) and decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. Fireblocks has expanded its institutional access to Terra’s DeFi ecosystem and Solana partnered with the Notifi network to improve the abysmal participation rates in governance votes. We will also look into the Cointelegraph […]

Samson Mow’s new company JAN3 helping build Bitcoin City in El Salvador

Samson Mow, former chief strategy officer of Blockstream and founder of Pixelmatic, said on Thursday that he has started a new company called JAN3 which will focus on accelerating Bitcoin adoption.  The Chinese-Canadian Bitcoin entrepreneur told Reuters that JAN3 has already signed a memorandum of understanding to assist in developing digital infrastructure in El Salvador. […]

El Salvador postpones Bitcoin bonds to September: Report

The government of El Salvador has reportedly decided to postpone the issue of a Bitcoin (BTC)-backed bond due to the unfavorable market conditions fueled by the geopolitical crisis. El Salvador’s “Volcano Bond” will not go live in March as the Salvadoran government expected previously, finance minister Alejandro Zelaya said in an interview with a local […]

World Bank refuses El Salvador's request for help on BTC transition

The World Bank has refused El Salvador’s request for help on the country’s transition to adopting Bitcoin as legal tender. It cited issues with Bitcoin’s environmental impact and transparency as reasons why it will not support El Salvador move to adopt Bitcoin as an officially accepted currency . “While the government did approach us for […]