Why crypto remittance companies are flocking to Mexico

Mexico is the second-largest recipient of remittances in the world, according to 2021 World Bank statistics. Remittances to the nation jumped to a record $5.3 billion in July, which is a 16.5% increase year-over-year compared to the same period last year. The steady growth presents myriad opportunities for fintech companies. Not surprisingly, droves of crypto […]

Satoshi milkshake experiment shows kids can HODL Bitcoin too

A Bitcoin (BTC) experiment on the Isle of Man involving the Lightning Network, 25 schoolchildren, and a promise of a milkshake has yielded interesting results.  At Willaston School on the Isle of Man (a British Crown Dependency nestled between the United Kingdom and Ireland), 25 year-6 students, one teacher and one teaching assistant participated in […]

Binance aims to become a super app with Splyt crypto partnership

The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance has partnered with Splyt, a “super app enabler,” to bring payment options to the Binance application. Payment options made for Splyt services include cryptocurrency.  When live, the integration will allow Binance users to pay for ridehailing services, but “also bikesharing, scooters, airport transfers, public transport and even food delivery,” […]

Bitcoin Lightning Network Capacity charges through 4,000 BTC

There’s cause for celebration from the world’s largest cryptocurrency. The Lightning Network hit the 4,000 Bitcoin (BTC) public capacity milestone, meaning $120 million in value is ready for peer-to-peer payments. The Lightning Network first broke the 1,000 BTC barrier in August 2020 and the 2,000 BTC barrier in July 2021. The capacity has doubled in […]

Making money, escaping poverty: Bitcoin and Lightning in Mozambique

Bitcoin (BTC) is for all. For you, for Michael Saylor in Miami, and for 38-year-old Jorge, a Mozambican family man who’s using the largest cryptocurrency to make ends meet. Jorge, who goes by his first name for anonymity, lives in the tiny village of Bomba, Mozambique, on its southeast coast. Since the Covid-19 pandemic stripped away tourism […]