Crypto Twitter calls for calm after wETH insolvency joke goes viral

An inside joke about the “insolvency” of Wrapped Ethereum (wETH) over the weekend has forced influencers to explain it was just a “shitpost” after members of the community took it as real.  The wETH insolvency FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) seemingly began to make the rounds on Nov. 26, with false rumors alleging that wETH […]

Economist warns of dystopia if ‘Bitcoin Aristocrats’ become reality

Not everyone is excited about hyperbitcoinization.  According to a popular copy/paste meme, Bitcoin holders are set to become a neo-aristocracy as Bitcoin becomes the dominant world currency: Only $BTC holders will be permitted to the upper echelons of society. Nocoiners will be shunned, socially and financially. At best forced to become servants to the new […]

Crypto’s loudest cheerleaders in 2020

For much of 2020, it wasn’t exactly a hard year to be a cheerleader for cryptocurrency.  Emerging from a brutal macro bear market, the space once again proved doubters wrong and attracted a new batch of converts as money-printing efforts across the globe turned savers and traders onto the power of hard currency. After a […]