Island nation turns to metaverse to preserve its disappearing heritage

In the South Pacific, the island nation of Tuvalu decided to turn to Web3 technology in order to make sure its culture and society are preserved in the future.  On Nov. 15 the country’s foreign minister, Simon Kofe, told the COP27 climate summit that it is looking for alternative ways to protect the county’s heritage […]

Vanuatu Prime Minister says yes to Satoshi Island crypto project

It’s not every day that a country’s leader endorses a cryptocurrency project. Nayib Bukele, the President of orange-pilled El Salvador, was the first leader to endorse Bitcoin (BTC).  Now, the Prime Minister of Vanuatu, the Honourable Bob Loughman, has officially given the green light to Satoshi Island. The Vanuatu government approval, which Satoshi Island was […]

‘Satoshi Island’ crypto utopia receives 50K citizenship NFT applications

Step aside, El Salvador, there’s a new Bitcoin-centric destination on the map. As a 32-million-square-foot private island sanctuary in the remote South Pacific, Satoshi Island is a “place for the crypto community to call home.” A combination of honeymoon getaway, Bond-villain hideout and naturalist paradise, there’s one enigmatic exception to Satoshi Island: it’s 100% crypto. […]

Residents of Caribbean island can conduct local transactions using Bitcoin

The more than 5,000 residents of an island that forms a part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines can use crypto as a means of payment. According to a report from Euronews, both residents and visitors to the island of Bequia can use Bitcoin (BTC) to pay for goods and services ranging from property to […]