How behavioral tokenomics could facilitate the creation of a circular economy

The Iota Foundation and Imperial College London recently announced the launch of a four-year distributed ledger technology, or DLT, initiative designed to research and develop solutions to foster socially conscious, circular economic models and businesses around servitization. The Imperial-Iota-Infrastructures Lab, known as the I3-Lab, will operate within the Dyson School of Design Engineering and has adopted […]

Iota set to launch decentralized smart contract platform to expand Web3 ecosystem

Iota has announced the release of decentralized layer-one smart contract network Assembly, and accompanying ASMB token, in a bid to accelerate the expansion of smart contracts across a multitude of sectors, including decentralized finance (DeFi) and nonfungible tokens (NFTs). Assembly utilizes the Iota network’s existing architecture, most notably the directed acyclic graph structure, to operate […]

IOTA Foundation to launch staging network and reward token

The IOTA Foundation has announced the upcoming launch of a staging network, Shimmer, in a bid to advance the IOTA roadmap towards fully functional decentralization. The layer-1 network will act as an innovation testbed for developers and builders in the community seeking to evaluate decentralized finance (DeFi) and nonfungible token (NFT) applications. This sandbox model […]

Iota 2.0 ‘Nectar’ DevNet goes live to achieve full decentralization

The roadmap to Iota 2.0 has reached another milestone as the Iota Foundation launches the Nectar DevNet. In a blog post published on Wednesday, the Iota developer announced the news of the Nectar DevNet launch which forms an essential part of the preparatory work for the release of IOTA 2.0 slated for late 2021. The […]