New research indicates boomers make better crypto investors

As a millennial, it’s hard to say this, but boomers are doing crypto better. They are taking research methods used in the traditional markets and applying them to crypto projects, according to a new report from Bybit and consumer research company Toluna. The report says that 34% of boomers spend “a few days” doing due […]

5 tips for investing during a global recession

The economy is facing an outlook bleaker than a Welsh weather forecast, and few are rushing to buy risk assets. Here are a few tips for weathering unfavorable market conditions. Option #1: Save cash There’s no shame in sitting on the sidelines and saving cash or stablecoins. When bullish momentum returns, you will have plenty […]

5 tips for riding out a downbeat market this holiday season

These forecasts are driven by deteriorating structural fundamentals. For example, credit card debt has surged past even 2020 levels, with interest rates charged by banks that are just slightly higher than those observed leading up to the post-2000 dot-com crash. And yet, labor force participation rates — or the proportion of the population that is […]

Societe Generale launches custodial services for crypto fund managers

According to a new press release on Wednesday, Société Générale, one of the largest investment banks in Europe, said that it would be expanding its cryptocurrency asset management services through its Security Services subsidiary. Clients who are digital asset fund managers can now elect to have Société Générale as their fund custodian, valuator and liability […]

The market isn’t surging anytime soon — so get used to dark times

Global markets are going through a tough period — including the cryptocurrency market. But judging by talk from the peanut gallery, it seems like some observers haven’t received the memo. “Feel like we’re relatively safe through mid-terms,” Twitter’s “CryptoKaleo” — also known simply as “Kaleo” — wrote in a Sept. 12 tweet to his 535,000 […]