Is Austin the next US crypto hub? Officials approve blockchain resolutions

Innovative cities across America are racing to become the next hot spot for cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption. Miami was the first city to adopt its own part of CityCoins last year, allowing it to implement its own cryptocurrency called “MiamiCoin” to be used for civic engagement.  New York City has also made a name for […]

Coinbase allocating 10% to innovation plays

United States cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has announced a new project aimed at increasing innovation in the nascent blockchain industry.  Project 10 Percent will see Coinbase divert 10% of its resources to supporting innovative ideas within the company. The project aligns with the exchange’s philosophy that “70% of our time should be focused on core work, […]

Grammy-winning producer Illmind auctions rights to new samples as NFT

NFTs are being used to explore a new business model that puts music makers back in control of sales and copyright issues. Grammy winning producer Illmind released what he calls the “first ever NFT-backed sample loop/melody pack” on Feb. 25, putting a collection of 10 “melody compositions” up for auction on the Mintable NFT market […]