Beyond Dogecoin: The 5 hottest cryptos on Twitter this month

In the realm of digital assets, Crypto Twitter is a major seat of power. Memecoins and serious large-cap assets alike can see their value rise or fall depending on whether the whimsical Twitter crowd decides to pay attention.  Huge rallies and dramatic declines often trigger waves of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) or Fear of […]

VORTECS Report: NewsQuakes boost DOGE hype, while TEL score rings a bell for traders

What can you say about Dogecoin that hasn’t been said before? How about this: Elon Musk’s tweets aren’t the only thing that let the DOGE out. This week, right in the middle of the retail trading frenzy that has turned everyone’s favorite cartoon puppy into a rabid bull-doge, Cointelegraph Markets Pro subscribers had the opportunity […]