Are decentralized digital identities the future or just a niche use case?

As users take advantage of online services and explore the internet, they eventually create a digital identity. This type of identity is then tied to central entities like Google and Facebook, which make it easier to share data with new services through simple sign-in buttons. While these digital identity management systems are convenient, they are […]

Reinventing yourself in the Metaverse through digital identity

The Metaverse has become one of the biggest buzzwords of the year as a number of brands, companies and even countries begin to explore virtual worlds to conduct business. Even though Metaverse development is still underway, a recent report from the technology research and advisory firm Technavio found that the Metaverse will hit a market […]

First Binance soulbound token BAB targets KYC user credentials

Binance cryptocurrency exchange is moving towards decentralized identity tools by launching its first-ever token designed to certify verified user status on the platform. Binance on Monday announced the launch of the Binance Account Bound (BAB) token, aiming to address identity issues in the decentralized society (DeSoc). In contrast to traditional crypto assets like Bitcoin (BTC), […]

Know thy customer: The future of KYC in crypto

Crypto and Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines seem to be an unhappy marriage — pseudonymity in the digital currencies’ DNA doesn’t match the old-school centralized protocols of traditional finance, but cohabitation is inevitable for the maturing industry.  The tension never really goes away, but even before recent months’ market failures for crypto, the regulators have […]

Integrating blockchain-based digital IDs into daily life

The last 13 years have seen blockchain technology evolve into numerous use cases — finance, data, logistics and security, among others. However, the idea of using blockchain’s immutable capabilities to ID humans got new life when Changpeng “CZ” Zhao visited the island country of Palau to kick off its digital residency program.  The blockchain identity […]

Struggle for Web3’s soul: The future of blockchain-based identity

The attention, one might suspect, has much to do with the participation of Buterin, blockchain’s wunderkind and the legendary co-founder of the Ethereum network. But it could also be a function of the paper’s ambition and scope, which includes asking questions like: What sort of society do we really want to live in? One that […]

Buenos Aires to accept crypto for tax payments, launch DLT-backed citizen profiles

The capital of Argentina and an agglomeration with more than 12 million citizens, Buenos Aires will make blockchain a vital part of its digitalization drive. Specifically, the city will accept public financial transactions in crypto.  As city Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta revealed in his Steve Jobs-styled presentation on April 25, the 12-step development plan titled […]