100%: Public Bitcoin miners sold almost everything they mined in 2022

Publicly listed Bitcoin (BTC) miners sold off almost¬†all of the Bitcoin they mined throughout 2022, leading to a debate over whether the sales created “a persistent headwind” for the Bitcoin price or not.¬† Analyst Tom Dunleavy from blockchain research firm Messari shared the data in a Dec. 26 tweet, indicating that approximately 40,300 of the […]

Here's why Bitcoin mining stocks have been outperforming BTC price in 2021

Bitcoin (BTC) might have outperformed traditional financial markets regarding investment returns, but the cryptocurrency still fell behind Bitcoin-related companies. The price of BTC climbed by about 290% year-over-year, wherein it surged from $10,695 to a little over $42,000. In comparison, shares of Marathon Digital Holdings (MARA), one of the largest North American crypto mining companies, […]