Three-quarters of circulating BTC last changed hands for less than $10,800

Research from on-chain analytics provider Glassnode has found that roughly three-quarters of circulating Bitcoin last moved on the blockchain when prices were below $10,800, suggesting most market participants are long-term holders. Glassnode’s March 29 ‘Week on Chain’ report found that 25.43% of circulating BTC last traded between the prices of $10,800 and $58,800. With Bitcoin […]

Bitcoin rally slows as whales transfer wealth to retail investors

Analytics provider Glassnode is reporting that current on-chain indicators suggest the Bitcoin bull market may be entering into its later stages. In its March 22 Week on Chain report, on-chain analytics provider Glassnode noted a decline in the number of Bitcoin whales despite consistent accumulation from wallets holding 1 BTC or less since March 2018. […]