NFTs, Nonprofits and Longevity Intersect at Art Basel Miami

Just as Art Basel has expanded beyond its initial gallery showcases in Switzerland, where the international art fair was conceived, the pursuit of longer and more fulfilling lives has grown from the subject of science fiction novels to real, viable science. Now the evolution of art is being leveraged as the Longevity Science Foundation’s partnership […]

How smart contracts can improve efficiency in healthcare

Smart contracts are self-executing lines of code that run atop blockchains and are triggered once a set of predetermined conditions are met. They are used to automate the execution of online agreements without the involvement of third parties. Today, they are used across many industries, including the healthcare industry. The healthcare sector stands to benefit […]

What can blockchain do for increasing human longevity?

The nascent longevity industry focuses on the research and implementation of solutions and technologies to extend the lifespan of human beings — making people live healthier, longer lives. Longevity is not yet considered an official medical term, and aging is not officially considered a disease but a natural occurrence in every living thing. However, some […]

NFTs and crypto provide fundraising options for breast cancer awareness

The hype around nonfungible tokens (NFTs) may be fading, yet a number of organizations continue to implement Web3 initiatives. Nonprofit organizations and activists, in particular, have begun implementing nonfungible token projects to help fundraise and generate awareness for certain causes.  While these methods are still new, NFT projects for philanthropy have been met with relative […]

Blockchain-based solutions aim to address US disaster relief

Natural disasters in the United States are becoming more prevalent, resulting in increasing costs, a lack of transparency between state and government organizations and a slew of other issues impacting relief systems.  The Pew Research Center found that the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) public assistance program spent 23% more on natural disasters between 2010–2019 […]

Mental health and crypto: How does volatility effect well-being?

The crypto world is well known for its volatility. Especially in the early days, digital assets experienced wild price swings, gaining or losing double-digits in the course of a day. It appears that the current bear market is no exception to this trend.  While wild price swings provide opportunities to make gains — if you’re […]