US will see new ‘inflation spike’ — 5 things to know in Bitcoin this week

Bitcoin (BTC) begins the first week of 2023 in an uninspiring place as volatility stays away — along with traders. After failing to budge throughout the Christmas and new year break, BTC price action remains locked in a narrow range. Having sealed yearly losses of nearly 65% in 2022, Bitcoin has arguably seen a classic […]

Rewind 2022: A crypto roundup of the year and stepping into 2023

Stepping into the year 2023, it’s time to pause and reflect on the accomplishments and struggles the global crypto community witnessed over the last 365 days. Starting from the very beginning of 2022, no investment strategy could help recover the falling portfolios across traditional and crypto ecosystems. January 2022 inherited a slightly collapsing market, wherein […]

Bitcoin mining pool reports $3M cyberattack

Major cryptocurrency mining pool has suffered a cyberattack resulting in a significant loss of funds by the company and its customers. experienced a cyberattack on Dec. 3, with attackers stealing around $700,000 in client assets and $2.3 million in the company’s assets, the mining pool’s parent firm BIT Mining Limited officially announced on […]

Bitcoin mining revenue lowest in two years, hash rate on the decline

The revenue earned by Bitcoin (BTC) miners fell to two-year lows owing to poor market performance and a heavier computational demand amid rising network difficulty. However, an ongoing downturn in the Bitcoin hash rate over the past month has allowed miners to recoup losses. The total Bitcoin mining revenue — block rewards and transaction fees […]

Iris Energy to cut mining hardware after defaulting on $108M loan

Australian Bitcoin mining firm Iris Energy is the latest to suffer from the squeeze of the crypto bear market, losing a significant chunk of its mining power after defaulting on a loan. A filing by the firm to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Nov. 21 revealed that it has unplugged its hardware used […]

New Bitcoin Yardstick metric says $20K BTC now ‘extraordinarily cheap’

A simple but elegant Bitcoin (BTC) price metric has returned to lows from before the 2017 bull market. As noted by its creator, Charles Edwards, CEO of asset manager Capriole, the Bitcoin Yardstick is now at its second lowest levels in history. Yardstick prints second-lowest reading ever As on-chain metrics converge to put in a […]

Record hash rates may see Big Oil become a major BTC mining player

Surging Bitcoin (BTC) network hash rates are causing problems for mining companies but might be rolling out the red carpet for energy giants. The Bitcoin hash rate, the amount of computing power given to the blockchain through mining, has reached another record peak. According to, the metric hit an all-time high of 267 exahashes […]