Realized losses from FTX collapse peaked at $9B, far below earlier crises

Blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis has attempted to put the FTX collapse into perspective — comparing peak weekly-realized losses in the wake of the exchange’s collapse compared to previous major crypto collapses in 2022. The Dec. 14 report found the depegging of Terra USD (UST) in May saw weekly-realized losses peak at $20.5 billion, while the subsequent collapse […]

BTC energy use jumps 41% in 12 months, increasing regulatory risks

Bitcoin (BTC) has seen a 41% increase in energy consumption Year-on-Year (YoY) despite dramatic improvements in energy efficiency and a more diverse and sustainable energy mix — but there are concerns the rise could see regulators clamp down on mining.  The data comes from a Q3 2022 report by the Bitcoin Mining Council (BMC) which […]

This Bitcoin long-term holder metric is nearing the BTC price ‘bottom zone’

A Bitcoin (BTC) on-chain indicator, which tracks the amount of coin supply held by long-term holders (LTHs) in losses, is signaling that a market bottom could be close. Eerily accurate Bitcoin bottom pundit As of Sept. 22, approximately 30% of Bitcoin’s LTHs were facing losses due to BTC’s decline from $69,000 in November 2021 to […]

Expansion of short-term BTC holders suggests ‘final flush’ of sellers

A recent spike in short-term BTC holders could signal a “final flush” of sellers, meaning the capitulation events have played out, leaving the market ready for months of accumulation.  The latest The Week On Chain report from market analysis firm Glassnode on Aug. 15 points out that short-term holders (STHs) have expanded their holdings by […]

Bitcoin network activity decline suggests longer bear market: Glassnode

With several on-chain metrics for Bitcoin (BTC) still in a bearish range, a continuation of the recent price recovery will require increased demand and fees spent over the network, says Glassnode.  The assessment of mediocre market growth over the past week came from blockchain analysis firm Glassnode in its latest The Week On Chain report […]

‘Extreme demand’ for BTC at $20K creating new support levels: Glassnode

“Extreme” demand at the $20,000 price point for Bitcoin (BTC) appears to have forced the coins back into the hands of investors who care less about price while creating a new realized price level. In the latest The Week OnChain Newsletter published on Monday, Glassnode’s UkuriaOC pointed to “extreme demand” around the $20,000 region, noting […]

Capitulation ongoing but markets not at the bottom yet: Glassnode

Bitcoin wealth is being distributed from weak hands to strong hands due to ongoing capitulation from retail investors and miners, signaling that the bottom may be close. The latest ‘The Week On-Chain’ report from blockchain analysis firm Glassnode on July 11 explains that market capitulations have been ongoing for about a month and that several […]