DeFi, NFT, blockchain games: Key takeaways from DappRadar’s 2022 review

2022 will go down as a challenging year for the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, but the adversity faced has been strewn with plenty of positives for the decentralized application (Dapp) ecosystem. DappRadar has released its yearly report on the industry, focusing on challenges faced alongside notable technological achievements and an increasing number of active daily […]

Bringing community-based solutions to crypto lending can solve trust issues

A type of decentralized finance (DeFi) that allows investors to lend their crypto tokens in return for regular interest payments, the crypto lending space comprises both centralized and decentralized crypto entities that manage the entire process on behalf of their investors. Offering high annual percentage yields (APY) to investors from whom the tokens have been […]

$1.7M of Bitcoin tied to QuadrigaCX reawakens after years of dormancy

Five wallets tied to the defunct Canadian cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX, previously thought to be inaccessible, have just been spotted moving around $1.7 million worth of Bitcoin after years of dormancy. Crypto researcher ZachXBT alerted the crypto community in a Twitter post on Dec. 19, highlighting the five wallets have transferred around 104 Bitcoin (BTC) on […]

What is the relationship between blockchain and Web3?

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are the building blocks of Web3. However, the decentralized web also relies on technologies like AR, VR, IoT and others unrelated to blockchain or digital currencies. The third generation of the internet, known as Web3, is based on blockchain technology. However, technologies like machine learning, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet […]