Former Chinese central banker says digital yuan ‘usage has been low’

A former official of the People’s Bank of China (PBOC), the country’s central bank, has expressed disappointment that China’s digital yuan is seeing little use. Xie Ping, a former PBOC research director and current finance professor at Tsinghua University, made critical public comments about China’s central bank digital currency (CBDC) at a recent university conference, […]

Vitalik Buterin reveals 3 ‘huge’ opportunities for crypto in 2023

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has shared three “huge” opportunities yet to be realized in crypto, including mass crypto wallet adoption, inflation-resistant stablecoins, and Ethereum-powered website logins. During an interview with Bankless co-owner David Hoffman, Buterin shared his outlook for the crypto industry in 2023, responding to Hoffman’s raised concern that the “adoption wave” for decentralized […]

How can UK-based businesses accept Bitcoin?

Accepting Bitcoin payments is advantageous due to lower fees than credit and debit cards, expansion of customer base and real-time bank balances. However, risks like volatility and cybercrime may undermine these benefits. Cryptocurrency payments help save excessive credit and debit card processing fees as they are decentralized and do not need intermediaries to verify the […]

Blockchain-based supply chain platform canned by IBM and Maersk

United States technology company IBM and Danish logistics firm Maersk have decided to discontinue their co-developed blockchain-backed supply chain platform, TradeLens, citing a lack of “global industry collaboration” as a key reason behind the decision. Maersk stated on Nov. 29 that it has begun taking immediate action to cease operations on the platform which should […]

How Web3 resolves fundamental problems in Web2

Web3 returns content rights to the author, enhances the security level, eliminates unfair censorship, ushers in transparency, automates the functioning of software and facilitates a creator economy. Thanks to the characteristics of Web3, businesses can take advantage of opportunities that are beyond imagination. Concepts like decentralization and permissionless cybersphere were just in sci-fi. Nonetheless, Web3 […]

How to talk to family members about crypto this Thanksgiving season

This week in the United States, millions of people comprising various political and financial backgrounds are traveling to see family members for the first time in months to celebrate Thanksgiving. For crypto-minded individuals, questions about the market may come as quickly as “Why did you cut your hair?” or “Why didn’t you become a doctor?” […]