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My team is thinking about writing a Shopify app. Currently we have 3 directions / ideas:

  1. Aggregating some small tools (sales pop, image magnifier, ip blocker, etc.) together with a cheaper price (e.g. $19.99/mo for all the 20 tools)
  2. Better Shopify Inbox alternative. We saw many negative reviews of Shopify inbox and think that most of them could be easily improved. The product will focus on customer service (imagine if Intercom and Gladly have a child), having better user experience for both merchant & customer (but we are wondering whether “a better experience” would be attractive enough since Shopify Inbox is free).
  3. A tool that help you run your communities. It will integrate with major community platforms (e.g. Discord, Slack…) and allow you to run some campaigns (send special coupons to your community members, manage loyalty scores, and allow members to group-buying for a cheaper price)

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