Lance Sijan Memorial Bracelet

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Lance Sijan Memorial Bracelet from

While overseas, at the end of summer, I was walking back from the chow hall, when I ran into our Chief. After some chatting, he brought up the name Lance Sijan.

He told me about how he had a strange experience on Amazon where he had ordered the book,
Into the Mouth of the Cat: The Story of Lance Sijan, Hero of Vietnam 
by Malcolm Mcconnell. When he got the book, it was the right cover for the book, but the actual book inside was completely different! Bummer! But he did mention the exact name of the book and then went on to tell us about how he had been learning more and more about Lance Sijan.

I was instantly interested, just based on the respect that I have for Chief Cepluch and his thoughts and opinions. I had heard of Lance Sijan, and knew that there were things like an award and a few other things named after him, but that was about it for me so far.

I got back to my bunk and I started down the rabbit hole. There was only one main book that I could see was about Lance and that was the one I already knew about, Into the Mouth of the Cat. I wanted to read it immediately.


I didn’t want the same thing that had happened to the Chief to happen to me, so I went over to and looked for a used copy of the book that was listed in excellent condition, I found a couple different prints, one softcover good from the initial publishing of the book and then a hardcover copy.

I ordered them, and had them shipped to my house right away, I knew that I would

After reading the book, I began to dig around more and more, one of the first things I can across was the website that Lance’s sister has established for his legacy.


After a bunch of reading and learning about Capt. Sijan I stumbled across and I found a POW bracelet
Lance Sijan Bracelet
On the left is the United States Air Force Seal and on the right is the United States Flag

If you have not done so already, I highly recommend you check out the website and the movie trailer available.

Lance Sijan

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