Tribute 66 – Hand Crafted Leather Wallets by Billy Joe Clements

I think it would be safe to say that ANY of the wallets from Tribute 66 are must have items. A wallet is not something that you buy often (if you have a good one) and it's not something that your average male will switch out often. I love my Barn Find wallet and I am looking forward to years of use out of it!

The Barn Find Wallet by Billy Joe Clements of Tribute 66

The Barn Find Wallet

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A guy and his wallet can be considered a serious relationship. When you got your first wallet, it could have been an ugly canvas one with velcro, zippers and a built in change purse with huge branding all over the side. Maybe, it’s a rigid pleather wallet that you got from your distant Aunt Cathy or Grandma Gertrude for christmas that she bought with her extra Kohl’s Cash. You know, the ones that come displayed in a silver tin with a bonus keychain, matching bottle opener and a plastic photo album insert for all those wallet size photos of the fam or awkwardly posed kids in school.  No matter what, you and your wallet are close. So, choosing the right one is important.

When I’m looking for certain items, I like to look for hand made and, most especially, American Made Products. This time, a wallet was one of them. I went to ETSY and started my search. There are so many different options and so many different looks.  That’s when I ran into a Tribute 66 listing. I was instantly drawn to the looks and styles of the wallets there. So, I did some more digging, and I read the store heading that said:

[blockquote]Handcrafted in the USA by Billy Joe Clements
There are no machines in my shop. It’s all done by hand – My technique may be old school but my designs are modern with that Rustic Handcrafted Quality. [/blockquote]

SOLD! Now, I was impressed by the fact that there is no machining and all the design and quality is all hardcore handy work. I knew I wanted one!


Old Fossil Wallet With Front ID and Money Clip
The wallet being replaced…

My wallet getting replaced (the pic on the left) was good, not great but definitely good. It was a Fossil wallet with front id window and a magnetic money clip built in. The strong magnet of the money clip, while great for snapping down a few bills, was actually terrible for credit cards and hotel keys. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to go back to the hotel lobby and have them re-program my key, knowing the whole time that it was probably my wallet that was the culprit.


Tribute 66 Handmade Leather Wallets
“When the wallet came, it was sealed nicely in this envelope.”

Once, I saw the look of the Barn Find wallet, I knew that was the one I wanted, so I sent a message about the front ID window and worked out the details with Billy Joe. It was a wrap! A few days later, I had a tracking number from USPS.  That’s when the anticipation of getting a package in the mail began. All in all, the whole process was fun and very professional. The communication could not be any better than it was. From working out the details to knowing that the wallet was done and ready to be shipped. So much so, that as soon as it got here, I opened it up and switched everything over. I had to send Tribute 66 an inbox on ETSY to let him know: 1.) I got it. 2.) It’s amazing. 3.) His work and craftsmanship kicks ass.


Front ID Window
Front ID Window

One of the functions I needed my wallet to have was similar to my last wallet, the front ID window. If you are military, law enforcement, security or medical (thank you for your service) or any other job where you use an ID card ALL the time, it is really convenient to have the window on the outside for easy access! If I could not have the front ID window, it *might* have been a deal breaker for me.


The Opened View
The Opened View

My previous wallet only had a money clip which had the downfall we discussed above about the magnet.  But, the magnet also added extra bulk to the wallet and was a bit uncomfortable sitting in your pocket. I missed having a classic billfold. While I do not primarily use cash, I do think it’s important to have some cash on you at all times, if possible. I read a great article once with a quote that said: “Real men are prepared for any situation and real mean carry cash.” Having this function in my wallet again is great. I love it.  The design keeps it clean and streamlined, so if you’re one of those dudes with 14 Home Depot receipts from 2012 in your wallet, you won’t be able to do that with this wallet. (Thank me later.)

[blockquote] The perfect clip full of cash is $58, as it gives you a handful of ones for tips, two twenties for big purchases, a ten for lending to your slack-ass friend, and a five, just because. There aren’t many situations you can’t handle with $58 in your pocket. So pack cash and carry it proudly. Cash can not be denied. Credit limits are not sexy. And when you’re sitting in the car, waiting for your three friends to line up at the ATM to get money to get in the front door of the bar, you sit there smugly, cash already in hand.[/blockquote]

Beautiful Details and Monograming

I’m not a flashy guy. Generally, the monogramed everything is not my style, but when I saw how clean and minimalist the wallet designs were, I realized that adding the monogram to the corner would make it pop. The pictures do not do it justice either. Every letter is firmly and crisply pressed into the leather by hand, giving it an authentic look that no machine could do. The beauty of this wallet certainly lies in all the small details that give it a ‘one of a kind’ feel.


I LOVE it when I see a small business thriving, and these days, I love it even more when I see them embracing mobile and social media outlets for branding and marketing. After my wallet got here, I bumped into the pic below, and I was stoked! Follow Tribute 66 to get your fill of creativity and craftsmanship at its finest. I could not be any happier with this wallet. I will update this review from time to time to let you know how it’s holding up.





Let Me know what you think about the wallet, and I would also love to hear if you get one for yourself in the comments below!






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