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I was at CVS a few days ago and I was walking past the magazine rack when this JP Magazine caught my eye. I saw the Jeep and I stopped to pick it up. I did a casual flip through all the pages like anyone does when they pick up a magazine and right away, I had to have it. If you know me then you know I have a deep love for my jeep and jeeps as a whole. This magazine had some really cool articles and some awesome pictures of jeeps that were all done up with mods etc.  Even the full page ads were appealing.  All in all I recommend this magazine for any jeep enthusiast. It’s cheaper to subscribe than to go out every month and buy the newest edition, not to mention the fact that it saves time by being mailed to your door. I am excited to have a jeep magazine that I love, I have all these catalogs coming in the mail for jeep stuff and drool over parts and things, but now to have a magazine with useful information coming in is just that much cool. What do you guys think about it?

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