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I recently got my shipment of Mini Cards and I wanted to take the time to write up a quick review about them. Simply AMAZING! I love them so much that as much as I am excited to give them out and spread the word about me and my blog that I almost selfishly want to keep some of them for myself! (Yes, they are that cool!) Check it out: mini cards Julio Medina
I was so excited to open them up and check it out! Mini Card Review
I was even more stoked when I get everything opened up and laid out! Mini Cards Review
The finished product is perfect!

I got them with my twitter name @JulioMedina2012 on the front as I figured it was the coolest looking thing to write on the front and what better way to tell other people to follow me on twitter? Fun right??? Then to top it off, I knew that I would need  business card holder of sorts for these nifty little cards and they happened to have one for just 5 bucks so of course I threw that in the cart as well, only to find out when it came that it looks like the coolest little gadget that I have ever seen! Check it out: Mini Card Holder
Pretty awesome. Looks like an old school iPod Shuffle



Pretty cool isn’t it? Well that pretty much covers the Mini Cards, all in all the quality is wonderful, I think they will serve a great purpose and I am more than excited to get to hand them out. I am looking forward to my next order, maybe I will change up the style by then, either way I will be ordering more. Have you ordered from what did you think? Mini Cards Review

They included some cards with some promocodes for 15% off a pack of mini cards: First come, first  serve on the codes cause thats all they gave me but you might also be able to find something online.



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