MRE Recipes: The Ultimate MRE Recipe Cookbook

Have you gotten tired of boring ole MRE’s in the field? Ever hear old war stories about MRE Recipes that other people have come up with when you are stuck having to eat MREs? Well, this is a cookbook with some of the best of the best recipes that are available.

Do not be fooled by other books that are just blank pages for you to write in like a journal. This is a full-on Cookbook that comes with some fun facts, pro tips and some journal pages as well for you to write your own recipes that you come up with or that others share with you out in the field.

MRE’s –  meals ready to eat. Do not have to be boring, you can have fun with them and get really creative. It’s always fun to trade items around with your battle buddies and now you can start looking for your favorite recipes so you know what you are looking for when the trading begins at chow time.

This book is available in both print and digital copy via Amazon.

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