Feeling Guilt from Hard Inquiry due to car dealer impact on my feelings

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Could you please help me understand why I still feel guilty about even a single hard inquiry on my credit report, despite having improved my credit score and gained a better understanding of my credit? I used to visit car dealers when I struggled with credit issues and not owning a car, and during those visits, some dealers made me feel embarrassed and ashamed about the many hard inquiries on my credit report. They made me feel as though my only options were to either forego getting a car or accept a high interest rate on the car loan. Could it be possible that my negative experiences with car dealerships have had a lasting impact on my feelings about credit inquiries? I’m curious to know whether the car dealers who questioned me about the hard inquiries on my credit report were providing accurate information, or if they were using a sales tactic to make me feel embarrassed and ashamed so that I would be more likely to accept higher interest rates. I can’t shake that feeling. I wonder if in the future I want to get another car and I have an extremely high credit score would they make me feel guilty still?

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