From name, sender address and deliverability

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Hi everyone,

I can’t seem to find anything on this subject, and I have learned quite a few things on this subreddit, so thought I wanted to ask here and see if I could learn some more.

We have an account that has been used for approx 2½ years where we primarily use automations/journeys.

The sender address is a company employee email. This is the way it was setup before I joined the company and this sender address has now built reputation etc. The from name in the emails sent has always been “Company Name”. We have quite high open rates and click rates but we want to try and see if we can optimize this even more.

Long story short, in one of the emails in the journey, we want to be personal and change the from name to a specific person in the organization. And – important to note – not the employee behind the sender address. So instead of the from name being “Company Name” it will be “Employee Y, Company Name” and it will be a more personal message.

So, my question is. We think we can get better open rates and click rates by doing this, but will it affect deliverability to have a sender address that belongs to Employee X and a from name that is Employee Y + company name? The email address is with initials and not full name. This will be one single mail in a journey with 6-8 emails.

I really hope this makes sense.

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