[ADVICE] Should I block this potential buyer ?

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I’m a new seller but I reached the level 1 requirements. The next evaluation will be in the next 2 weeks. I’m expecting to get the next level badge.

So this potential buyer messaged me today asking about the gig requirements and all and he really liked what I offer. He said he’ll place an order tomorrow.

I did what I always do, I checkd the buyer’s history and his previous reviews. I found that all the sellers give him 5 star ratings and said he is kind and all those positive things.

However, when I checked each of his reviews for these sellers, they were all 4 or 4.7. He wrote that he is satisfied with the service but a tiny part was generic. He still recommends the gig (in every review).

There is always something he didn’t like but it’s not the seller fault he said.

After reading all those reviews, I’m pretty sure he’ll leave me a 4 star review even if I do my absolute best. I don’t mind a 4 star review but I don’t want to risque the evaluation as a new seller.

I don’t know what to do especially that he’ll be ordering my premium package and an extra. What do you guys think ?

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