Nifty News: Kevin Smith sells horror flick rights as NFT, Megadeth’s ETH, farming MEMEs …

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Filmmaker Kevin Smith is releasing his latest horror anthology “Killroy Was Here” as a non-fungible token. 

The owner of the NFT will secure the rights to exhibit, distribute, and stream the work, making it a revenue generator outside of just a resale. The filmmaker said on Twitter that: “Back in 1994, I took my first flick to Sundance to sell it. Now in 2021, I’m taking my new flick to CRYPTO to sell it!”

Smith, who will auction off his work on his independent crypto gallery ‘Jay and Silent Bob’s Crypto Studio’, stated that crypto provides a new platform upon which to tell a story. On April 14 he tweeted:

“I believe whoever buys it will sell it to a streamer, at the very least. They’re buying an NFT that also grants them ownership of the physical media files for KILLROY WAS HERE — so in an effort to support any type of theatrical distribution,”

Smith is collaborating with media and technology company Semkhor to produce and distribute NFTs. The studio will host what it calls “Regular Drops” which are built around “Smokin’ Tokens” commemorating different Jay and Silent Bob movies and the characters that starred in them.

Megadeth NFT nets 8.4 ETH

Big-4 metal band Megadeth has sold its first NFT which went for 8.4 ETH, or approximately $18,000 at the time. The piece, dubbed “Vic Rattlehead: Genesis”, features the band’s logo and the iconic mascot revolving in opposite directions for six seconds.

The NFT was sold on the Rarible marketplace where it started out priced at just 0.15 ETH. However, just 20% of the proceeds of the sale went to the band, with Rarible netting the rest.

Megadeth are not the first heavy band to jump on the NFT bandwagon. Slipknot percussionist M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan sold his first NFT earlier this month for 6.3 ETH, or around $14K at the time.

The one-off piece was an image of the original logo from Knotfest’s Electric Theatre that sees insects flying out of his mouth.

MEME farm v2

The long-awaited second iteration of NFT farming platform MEME has finally launched ushering in a number of feature improvements. In an announcement on April 13, the non-fungible token farming platform revealed that v2 had gone live. Version two has been rebuilt from the ground up in order to scale and meet the increasing demand for the platform, it added.

Improvements to the time taken for content to arrive on the platform have been made and there has been an upgrade to the user interface. It added that further layer 2 scaling improvements will be included in future releases in addition to content from renowned digital artist Beeple:

“In the coming weeks, we’ll see Beeple, and future versions of the platform that innovate on our tokenomics and other types of drop mechanics,”

In the eight months since its initial launch, MEME has made some remarkable achievements. These include attracting over 30 artists and creators and 6,700 NFT holders to the platform which has a reported total value locked of $25 million.

NFT news you may have missed

As reported by Cointelegraph, the U.S. Postal Service will soon be stepping into the NFT market in order to help customers purchase postage. In an announcement on April 13, e-postage provider CaseMail stated that the USPS had certified its postage as NFTs, for use by legal professionals and government agencies initially.

Baseball card maker Topps also announced that it would be launching a NFT collection in partnership with Major League Baseball and MLB Players Inc.

On April 13, the New York Stock Exchange also jumped on the bandwagon by minting NFTs celebrating the first trade made in the shares of prominent United State companies.

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