What are these things

My grandpa showed me things he had kept from the Vietnam War, and there were maybe 40 small round things with a small hole in the middle, maybe the size of a quarter, that looked like a washer (like for nuts and bolts). He acted a bit strange when I saw them and mumbled something […]

Deer Hunter Original Script: The Man Who Came to Play

Very random, but I’m working on a research project and came across “The Man Who Came to Play,” the script that much of “The Deer Hunter” derived from. Hoping to get my hands on a version of the script, but have been striking out. Any ideas here? submitted by /u/comeslice [link] [comments]

Help me with my Pop

Hi. So, my Pop wasn’t actually in Vietnam but he was in the army at the time. I know for a fact he got stationed in Germany because he’s said as such and you can see his 7th army patch. I remember him talking about guarding/transporting Pershing 1 missiles across Europe. I’d really like to […]