Meta Business approval advice

I have a shopify site and would like to start offering the ability to browse our catalog of products on Facebook and Instagram – we are a newer company that did a soft-launch over the summer and have really only started rolling since the end of 2022. We have a handful of followers on Facebook, […]

Need help with colors

The background and text for my store are both black, this is so it fits with other content. On my product, I want the title and price to display as white but I don’t know where to change this in the code, and what to put. submitted by /u/SquareConstant344 [link] [comments]

Testing out a referral system

Hey everyone, I’m Arman, I’ve worked at 4 B2B startups as a software engineer in the Bay Area, and I’m looking for some people to beta test a referral system I’m building out, and give me some feedback on whether or not they’d benefit from it before I finish it off. ​ Here’s a quick […]

Orders on Shopify

I’m looking to start a drop shipping store on shopify and just wondering how orders work. Do customers just place an order and you hit fulfill? Anything is helpful. submitted by /u/Fluffy-Football3024 [link] [comments]

How to manage my inbox?

Since I started my Shopify store 2 months ago I’ve gradually witnessed an increasing no of marketing messages telling me my store has all kinds of flaws and soliciting business. Is there an effective way to filter out this kind of message as I don’t want to mix up with real customer messages one day. […]

Anyone looking for a T-Shirt Supplier?

I make t-shirts in my house. (Print the transfers and press.) I’d like to become a supplier. You post your own designs (or mine) on your site, sell them and then I’ll fulfill/make and ship your order. Trying to get into becoming a supplier and not having much luck with the usual Shopify drop ship […]