Default shipping adress?

Hi ! Is there way for me to add adresses that my customer can ship to ? I only have one customer which orders regularly and want to make it easier for them to checkout. I want to set a filled out shipping adress with details, maybe a dropdown if they have multiple locations? Thanks […]

Looking for Store owners to conduct product interviews (Giftcard)

[Admin delete it, if not allowed] I am looking conduct 30 mins interview with store owners to understand their pain point related to Shopify’s product recommendation and product search. As a reward, I will send a 25$ gift card of your choice. Please comment if you are intersted submitted by /u/Significant-Bit-3039 [link] [comments]

Question about bulk upload with CSV and images.

I’m curious to know if I export my csv from an existing store and upload it to a new store with the product image links what happens to the images when they are uploaded to new store ? Do they stay hosted on the other store and just display on my new store or is […]

How long did it take for you to be profitable?

For me, it took around 3 months and during the process. I lost around $4.5K, lol. Why? Because i was doing too much, i was testing out this platform, that platform. Throwing ad spend money left and right hoping to make sales. Which i did, but wasn’t profitable. (I was a dumbass) Eventually, i was […]

App ideas – which one work for you?

My team is thinking about writing a Shopify app. Currently we have 3 directions / ideas: Aggregating some small tools (sales pop, image magnifier, ip blocker, etc.) together with a cheaper price (e.g. $19.99/mo for all the 20 tools) Better Shopify Inbox alternative. We saw many negative reviews of Shopify inbox and think that most […]

Themes on Shopify

I’m creating my first drop shipping store and wondered if anyone had any insight on themes for an electronic niche for my website. submitted by /u/Fluffy-Football3024 [link] [comments]