Breathing Life Back Into This Blog!

This will be the year of my blog.  This week on my to do list I will get this theme cleaned up and then start working on some posts that I have wanted to for a really long time. Stay Tuned.

Pumpkin Pie Shakeology and more…

What is Shakeology?

Its fall and Starbucks isn’t the only place that can dress up their drinks with yummy pumpkin flavors, Shakeology can be dressed up too! There are tons of delicious Shakeology Fall recipes for you to try out to make the season a little bit more festive (and healthier) every day. Here are some of our […]

Is Shakeology Gluten Free?

Shakeology Recipe Beachbody

Is the new chocolate superfood formula gluten-free? Just like the original formula, the new Shakeology chocolate superfood formula does not contain any gluten-based ingredients and we make every effort to prevent any ingredients with gluten from coming into direct or indirect contact with our products. However, because of our high standards we do not feel […]

Skakeology vs. Big Mac

Shakeology Recipe Beachbody

Shakeology is a great healthy meal replacement, look at compared in price and nutrition to these things that people waste thier health and fitness on, There is no better way to jump start your body and get lean that to have shakeology. The proof is in the pictures!