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Knock Knock Stuff

April and I were bored on a weeknight, so we decided to drive around and look through some stores. ¬†We stopped @Pier1; I¬†actually like to look in this store, believe it or not. ¬†They have some cool stuff for the house and home. ¬†It can get kinda pricey, but it’s still fun too look. ¬†You […]

The Soul Support Book

So, I’m waiting in the Dr.’s office, and I’m in the lobby waiting to be seen. ¬†There’s quite a few people waiting today. ¬†There’s a crappy magazine table that probably has a trillion germs all over them. (Yikes!) ¬†On the end table closest to me, I see this book:¬†The Soul Support Book by Deb Koffman, […]

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